WooHoo! Savanna!

Today’s WooHoo story is Savanna! Thank you so much for sharing your story with us :) Congratulations on meeting your goals, Savanna, and be sure to check back in after your 25k!

FtoH: Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?
Savanna: I’m a 26 year old wife, mother, dog-owner, blogger at Savvy & Sweet, and employed full-time in the non-profit sector. I love the outdoors, working with people, making connections, and organizing things. I’ve officially been a mom for a full year now!

FtoH: What was your starting weight?
Savanna: Pre-pregnancy I weighed 145 lbs- a good, constant weight for my 5’9″ frame that I maintained since high school. By the day of my delivery, I weighed approximately 195 lbs, giving me a 50 lb weight gain from throughout my pregnancy.

FtoH: What was your goal weight?
Savanna: Even at the beginning of my pregnancy, I set a goal that I wanted to lose all the weight by the end of 2011. My son’s due date was mid-April, so that gave me 8 months to take the weight off and get back to the 145 lb weight that I was at pre-pregnancy.

FtoH: What eating plan did you use (for example: Weight Watchers, Atkins, Self, etc)?
Savanna: I just did my best to eat healthy! Making the adjustment to being a new mom was tough and since I was committed to breast feeding, I hardly had any time between feedings to feed myself! I made and continue to make my best effort at consciously eating my fruits and veggies each day- If I don’t make an effort, chances are I won’t eat them!

FtoH: Did you count calories? If so how strict were you?
Savanna: I’ll admit: I don’t have the patience to count calories. Exclusively breast feeding burns 500-1000 calories per day, so I knew that those calories were helping me out a ton. I had a lot of challenges with breast feeding for the first 2 months or so, so I wouldn’t by any means say that breast feeding was an “easy” way to burn calories, but once I toughed those first few months out and got the hang of it, it was definitely nice to have those several hundred calories that were being burned just built into part of my regular daily routine.

FtoH: What exercise plan did you use?
Savanna: Several people in my office decided to run a 25k that is going to take place in May. I love running and had actually been training for a marathon when I got pregnant with my son, so the opportunity to train for the 25k was a perfect fit for me. The race provides a training program that’s really reasonable and gradual, so in December I started the program and started running 4 or 5 days per week.

FtoH: Did you go to a gym? Did you have a personal trainer?
Savanna: No gym or trainer here! I did all my running and training outside (even in the winter!) The only free time in my day where I actually am able to get a good run in is early in the morning- that made me really accountable to getting out of bed and actually getting it done instead of putting it off until later in the day.

FtoH: How much time per day did you spend working out?
Savanna: I’ll completely fess up to being a bit of slacker lately (work has been crazy!) but on average, I would say that I spend 45 minutes per day working out. I usually run 20-40 minutes on week days and then a long run that takes me an hour to an hour and a half on the weekends.

FtoH: Now that you are maintaining, has anything changed (food, exercise, etc)?
Savanna: I’ve actually continued to lose now even after hitting my goal weight- I hit my goal weight back in November and now I’m about 8 lbs down from that. I haven’t been trying to lose that weight, so my focus is now shifting on trying to eat a healthier, well-balanced diet with a reasonable amount of protein so that my weight doesn’t dip to an unhealthy level. I’m still currently breast feeding, so between that and running, there’s a lot of calories being burned that I need to balance with my diet!

FtoH: Do you have anything you’d like to recommend (a product, website, workout dvd, etc)?
Savanna: I love the MayMyRun app on my iPhone as well as my Garmin Forerunner 305! They’re great to use to keep track of how far/fast you’ve run, your heart rate, and calories burned.

WooHoo to Savanna of Savvy & Sweet! :)

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