WooHoo! Jodymarie!

Today’s WooHoo! story comes from the very upbeat Jodymarie :) I just love how positive she is! Congratulations, Jodymarie, in meeting your running and weight loss goals! Continued best wishes in your next 25 pounds and the FULL Marathon! :)

FtoH: Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?
Jodymarie: My name is Jodymarie. I am a stay at home mother to 2 wonderful blessings. Izick who is 5 years old, and Gavin who is 3 years old. I have been married to my husband Shawn for going on 7 years. I started my weight loss journey on September 10, 2007. I was once only a walker who is now a runner. I started out as an off again on again runner in Jan 1 2010. On Jan 1 2011 I became a REAL TRUE runner. I have not stopped running since. I made a goal to run a 5 or 10K race EVERY month for the year of 2011 (goal met!), and am now running 1/2′s for 2012. I also start training (July 15) for my FIRST FULL MARATHON happening on November 3 2012!

FtoH: What was your starting weight?
Jodymarie: 225 lbs.

FtoH: What was your goal weight?
Jodymarie: My goal weight was 150 lbs (what I weighed in high school). I reached my goal shortly after I had my youngest son, and decided to set an ULTIMATE never been this weight goal of 120 lbs. I am currently working on this goal.

FtoH: What eating plan did you use (for example: Weight Watchers, Atkins, Self, etc)?
Jodymarie: I never followed a weight loss plan, I always just counted calories and did cardio.

FtoH: Did you count calories? If so how strict were you?
Jodymarie: Oh yes! Every single day, every single morsel. I was so unbelievably strict. It is what worked and works for me. In the beginning, I avoided any get together’s because I knew I would feel “tortured”. I did not mind and still do not. I have alot of triggers, so because of knowing this I know that staying put helps me personally.

FtoH: What exercise plan did you use?
Jodymarie: For my 1st 75 lbs (to reach my goal) I ONLY walked for 2 hours a day. I just walked, walked, walked. Then I started doing a little less walking and adding in some tae bo, and Jillian Michaels. Then eventually cut those out too and am now JUST running. (I sometimes still walk). But because I have become a runner that is all my time goes to now. If I do anything on top of my running I become overtrained and worn out. I am trying to work on this so I can have other things back in my life.

FtoH: Did you go to a gym? Did you have a personal trainer?
Jodymarie: No. Never. For either. I have always worked out at home. Inside activities to outside activities. So many different things and so NOT costly! :)

FtoH: How much time per day did you spend working out?
Jodymarie: I spent 2 hours a day working out in the beginning, but now am working out for at least an hour a day. 2+ hours on Saturday’s (long runs).

FtoH: Now that you are maintaining, has anything changed (food, exercise, etc)?
Jodymarie: I want to say I am not maintaining because I am working on my 120lb goal weight BUT I have been “struggling” with getting below 145 lbs for THREE years. So…I guess I am maintaining ::giggle::. I can say my calories have been upped but that is due to training for a marathon soon and trying to find my calorie goal for balance (weight loss AND training). My exercise has also been less in minutes but not calories burned! :)

FtoH: Do you have anything you’d like to recommend (a product, website, workout dvd, etc)?
Jodymarie: I owe my journey to Sparkpeople.com. I would not have been able to do this w/o that site! It is a FREE site that you just input your info, such as current weight, goal weight, the date you want to lose it by, etc. It tells you EVERYTHING you need to know! It lets you know how much you should eat and how much you should exercise. It basically does EVERYTHING for you EXCEPT the work it requires to lose the weight. All you do is type in the food you eat, add it to your menu, and plug in what cardio you do. It tells you how much you burned, how much you ate, and what you have left. It is an AMAZING site! If you decide to join will you say Shrinkinrunner referred you? :) On another note I would also recommend the C25K program if you want to give running a TRY. I did that program SIX times from start to finish (10 week program) before I trusted in myself and ventured out on my own.

FtoH: Any final words of advice?
Jodymarie: NEVER STOP TRYING! It is THAT simple. Losing weight is NOT easy period. ESPECIALLY when it was so EASY to put on but so HARD to take off. Do not live in the past, but instead the future. Yes we all know we made mistakes and we could spend everyday beating ourselves up because what we have done to our bodies…but I can PROMISE you it does no good. Live and learn. Light that fire inside of you and never let it burn out. It may dwindle and shake sometimes but use that negativity, those evil thoughts, and those hard times to FUEL you to work even harder. Also as “cheesy” as it may seem ALWAYS remember you are special & there are people (like myself) who know what you are going through and can help you if needed. Reach out to those who care. YOU ARE AMAZING and TRULY SPECIAL! Now get going and work that butt off (LITERALLY)!!! ;) XOXOXO
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I am a very upbeat, positive person :) ::hugs::

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