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For our very first ever WooHoo! Wednesday, we are joined by a personal friend of mine. She has been my inspiration throughout the process of beginning my new, healthy, life. When I grow up I want to be just like her. :) Please welcome my girl, Josette!

FtoH: Can you tell us a little bit about you?
Josette: I’m a 34 your old SAHM to four kids. I used to be in pretty good shape before I had my last three kids. A combination of quitting smoking and having babies back to back to back and not losing any weight in between caused me to gain around 100 pounds.  My first attempt at losing weight took place in 2009. I was pretty successful with it. I lost 90 pounds and was happy with my weight but it didn’t last long. I didn’t learn a very important lesson. Good diet and exercise are a life long commitment.  You can’t lose weight, then expect to keep it off, by doing the same things that led you down the path of obesity. It wasn’t until May 17th, 2011 that I was ready to restart the weight loss process and keep it off for good.

FtoH: What was your starting weight?
Josette: 214lbs (5/17/11)

FtoH: What was your goal weight?
Josette: My goal weight was 154lbs but as of 2/9/12 I surpassed it. Current weight is 147lbs.

FtoH: What eating plan did you use (for example: Weight Watchers, Atkins, Self, etc)?
Josette: No special diet. I just cut out some of the unhealthy foods and replaced them with better choices.

FtoH: Did you count calories? If so, how strict were you?
Josette: I count calories everyday. I’m not sure how to phrase so I’ll just explain. When I first lost weight in 2009 I was VERY strict and stayed within my calories and cut out practically all unhealthy foods. There was slips here and there but it didn’t happen too often. Seven months in and 90lbs lost I was DONE! I burned myself out and slowly but surely I stopped exercising and went back to my old habits. This time around I’m not as strict. I usually stay within my weekly calories. I workout a lot so I can eat a lot more than days that I don’t workout. Sundays is usually my exception. It’s the only day I don’t work out so I rest and rest well. I am over my cals for the day but I don’t go crazy. For me this is a must. It keeps a balance of being able to have the things that you enjoy once a week while watching your diet and exercise the other 6 days…….I don’t feel restricted.

FtoH: What exercise plan did you use?
Josette: Get off my butt and move…..lol! First I started out doing the Couch to 5 K running program. Once I graduated and was able to run a 5k in under 30 minutes I then supplemented it with 30 Day Shred to get some weight training in. Up until I reached my goal weight I was running 50 miles a week. Now I have stopped running and my focus has turned to weight lifting. I lift weights Monday – Friday. I also do Tae Bo Monday – Saturday……….I will also throw in a Jillian Michaels video here and there for good measure.

FtoH: Did you go to a gym? Did you have a personal trainer?
Josette: Neither. I have 4 kids and I have one with me at all times. My workouts takes place in my garage or in the family room in front of the T.V.

FtoH: How much time a day did you spend working out?
Josette: Ok, this is going to sound obsessive but I don’t care. I enjoy working out, it keeps my sanity. I can workout anywhere from 1 1/2 – 2 1/2 hrs a day.

FtoH: Now that you are maintaining, has any of that changed (food and/or exercise)?
Josette: Yes, I eat more…..lol!! I have a daily goal but it’s still a lot more than I was eating before. I actually workout harder now than I did before. I have different goals now…….toning and building muscle.

FtoH: Do you have anything you’d like to recommend (a product, website, workout dvd, etc)?
Josette: Can I just say that I LOVE lifting weights and I’m a Tae Bo fanatic? I don’t see it as actual exercise……its’ too much fun to be called work. Hahaha!

FtoH: Anything else you would like to say?
Josette: For me, the key to maintaining is SET NEW GOALS. I’ve learned that when you reach your goal weight all that passion and drive tends to fade away. And diet and exercising don’t seem as important anymore. You need to invent new reasons to keep pushing forward. Example: Enter a 5k race. You have to keep working out and conditioning your body in order to compete, right? Doing that will force you to keep your good habits going.


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