Turning 30 and a Motivation Checkup

Motivation Checkup before Working Out

As I am sitting down on this beautiful Monday morning to write about motivation, I am finding that I have none. Yesterday was my 30th birthday. I had a fantastic day! But health-wise it was not so great…

Cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Good thing they were made from scratch, with no yucky stuff in them. Chinese buffet with a tall Coke for lunch. It was SO good. And yet, kinda gross at the same time. After a while, even the cheat meals that I look forward to aren’t as good as they once were. For dinner I made a homemade Italian Wedding Soup. It was so good! My birthday dessert was a homemade cheesecake with blueberry sauce, made by The Husband. It was sooo good! And to finish the day off, a bit too much wine. I’ll only turn 30 once, right? :)

So now here is today. I can so tell that I made many bad choices health wise yesterday. And, my abs are STILL sore from Saturday’s workout. Must have been a good one. My legs are cramping like crazy. Probably too many toxins in my body. I didn’t ┬ásleep well last night, and I am so tired today. I just want to crawl back into bed and sleep for 8 more hours. Good thing Book Girl had to get up for school this morning, or I would probably still be there. ha!

So what do you do when you are where I’m at right now? When you know what you should do but you just don’t have the motivation to do it? And wasn’t I here pretty much all week last week? How do I get the motivation back, that I had in the beginning? I’ve been thinking about that for the last hour or so and here’s what I have come up with.

First of all, what was I doing in the beginning that I am not now? To be honest, I was spending a fair amount of time on Pinterest reading motivational quotes. It’s hard to not get pumped up when you are reading one inspiration after the next. I think I’ll spend some time over there today.

I was also reading a lot of blogs. On my blog roll here I have a lot of food blogs listed. I’m going to work ┬átoday at adding fitness blogs as well. Check back soon for a much longer list. :)

In the beginning it was new and exciting, so I hardly saw it as work. Now it is just normal, and it is easier for me to convince myself that it’s okay to not do it. That is not okay with me. I think it’s time for me to check in with myself and see how things are going as far as numbers go.

I haven’t weighed myself in months. I have a rough guess at my weight, but honestly that number means nothing to me. I’m not doing this for weight loss. I’m doing this to get my body healthy and in shape. Fit and toned. At the beginning I took my measurements. I think it may be time to check in and see if I have had any change. I’ve also not taken any “before” pictures, because at the beginning I was never expecting to share my journey. This blog happened one morning when I was bored. It wasn’t planned. :)

So maybe that is the third thing I will do today. Measurements and pictures. I know that whether the motivation is there or not, the willpower is strong enough to push through and do it anyway. I just want it to be easier and not such a fight everyday. How do you guys stay motivated? Do you have any other ideas for me? Please let me know so I can try them! Thank you!


Smile and have a great day!


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