Crazy Time!

Crazy Time!

You probably noticed that I was missing Thursday and Friday last week. Let me tell you. The end of the school year is a crazy time. Between school concerts, and preschool graduations, and family picnic lunch at school, and piano recitals to prepare for I feel like I’m losing my mind a bit. And to all that, I have to add the yard work that comes with spring, and the kids playing outside and bringing dirt and mud into my house. I’ve been so exhausted and overwhelmed. There just is not enough time in the day.

I’m trying to stay motivated. Each day I have been cutting out a couple things that “should” get done, so that I have time to work out. Thursday and Friday that was this blog. I’m back today, but I can’t promise you anything about the rest of



Pushing through a Hard Week with Firm Support

Push Hard with Support

I know this is supposed to be Fitness Friday, but like I said yesterday, this has been a hard week. I haven’t tried anything new this week, so I have nothing to review for you. I hope you are okay with that.

When I began this journey I knew that there would be hard days, and that I would need to push through them… I did not realize there would be hard weeks. I’ve learned something this week, though.

I am so capable. Even things I thought I couldn’t do. I can. When it is 9 pm and my eyes are heavy from my long day and my pillow is calling my name… I can still choose to workout. This happened not once, but twice this week. Remember when I said that I needed to work out right away in the morning or it



The Early Bird Gets The Worm (or in this case, the healthy body)

Early Bird Gets the Worm


I’ve learned that I always need to work out early. The later the clock gets, the less motivated I am to start working out. I start getting into projects, or the kids want me to play with them. Or I get sucked into Facebook or Pinterest…

However, if I wake up, get Book Girl off to school, and immediately start my workout it goes much better. I may still be tired, I may still not “feel” like it, but if I push through and just start, before I know it I am done.

THEN I get to have my shower and a coffee. Except, if I’m really honest (and I told you I would be, remember?) I don’t always get my shower. That’s right. Some (read: most) days I just change out of my sweaty clothes into the semi-clean clothes