Apple Juice: Three Way Comparison

Comparison between three Apple Juices

Last week while I was grocery shopping I noticed that “Simply Apple” juice was on sale, so I bought a bottle. The Husband used to buy their grapefruit one often, but it’s been a long time. Anyway.

I decided to run a little test. While at the store I also bought a can of frozen apple juice concentrate, and a 3 pound bag of red delicious apples.

I came home and made the frozen juice.

And then I poured the simply juice into a jar.

Then I got out the juicer and juiced the entire bag of apples.

Notice a difference? Let’s put them side by side and compare.

Which one would you want to drink? I also put a pencil behind the frozen and juiced to show just how clear the frozen is.

I tasted all three. The