Juicer Bloody Marys – Pinterest Recipe Review

I want to start this post off with a bit of an update. Last week I posted about water. I was looking for solutions on how to drink more of it. Remember? Sure you do!

So I was at Walmart over the weekend and I found this cup for $5. I had a bit of leftover birthday money, so I bought it. And… I LOVE IT! I easily refill it 3 or 4 times a day. That’s a lot of water, people! I love that I only have to do it 3 or 4 times, it is much more convenient for me than having to refill after every 10 oz, like before. I love that it is pretty much spill proof (a must, with kids). And I love the straw. Love it. I highly recommend this cup for anyone that drinks water. And you should drink water, if you are not. That’s all.

Onto the real topic of the day!
Vodka and Fresh Vegetable - Juicer Bloody Marys! :)

If you remember, Tuesday was my anniversary. The Husband and I have been married 8 years! (How’d I get old enough to be married that long!?) We have had many adventures in our years together, and we thought it fitting to try something new for our anniversary. Though with three small kids you can’t really become too adventuresome.

That is where this Pinterest Post Party came to my rescue! As I was searching through Pinterest drink recipes to review on Thursdays, I came across this recipe from The Chubby Vegetarian. It’s a recipe for Bloody Marys, something that neither The Husband or I have ever had. On the very rare occasions that we drink, it is almost always wine. So this was definitely something different.

The best part about this recipe? You use your juicer to make it! I was very excited. ha! :)

You start out with lots of fresh veggies. And some garlic. I forgot to add that to the photo. The little white things are limes.

Juice these Vegetables for Bloody Marys

Then you run them through the juicer. I realized at this point that I forgot the garlic, in retrospect – I should have left it out. As it was, I did one clove (per the recipe). The Husband said “are you sure it did anything? I didn’t see anything come out. And, it was small. Let’s do another one”. In went number two…

Veggies are Juiced!

After everything is juiced, add the other Bloody Mary ingredients. This part freaked me out a little too, pepper and Worcestershire in a drink??

Add the other Bloody Mary ingredients into the Juice.

Stir it well. The tomato paste was tricky to mix in with a spoon. A whisk is necessary.

Mix everything together with a whisk.

Add some vodka (optional), some garnish (we skipped the pickled okra), and you have Juicer Bloody Marys! (yes, in wine glasses :) )

Bloody Marys from Juiced Vegetables :)

So what was the verdict? The Husband had 3… or was it 5? I’m not sure. I tried for at least 1/2 an hour to drink mine. I just couldn’t do it. Why, you ask? Because there was too much GARLIC! It made me nauseous. It was so strong. And usually I love garlic, I eat it in everything. I will definitely attempt them again, but I will make sure to follow the recipe exactly this time, instead of listening to The Husband.

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Smile and have a great day!


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