I AM A WRITER! (or Artificial Motivation via Support)

Having the willpower to write through a motivating support system.

Way back when I was in school (almost 15 years ago!) I was a writer. I took every writing class I could. As a junior, I took a college level writing class, and was the only one in the class who received an A. I still have the papers I wrote for that class. When I was in junior high I took a writing class called Artists and Authors, and had the chance to publish a book. I still have that as well. :)

But that was then. Ever since I finished school I have said, “I am not a writer”. The husband has read some of the stuff I wrote in school, and has been telling me for several years now that I should start a blog. My answer was “I am not a writer”. I still feel like I’m not a writer. I find myself thinking that nobody is reading this, that it isn’t very good, etc.

And then, I take Book Girl to piano and her teacher says “by the way, I read your blog everyday. I love it!”. Another person says, “I love your writing style, I’m learning so much about you”. Still more people are always telling me “great job on your blog post today!”. I think that I am slowly beginning to believe that I can do this. Maybe I am a writer. Maybe there is value to this. And that brings me to the motivating thought for today.

It is SO important to surround yourself with people who are an¬†encouragement. People who will tell you that you are looking great. People who will workout with you, or tell you to get off your butt and stop watching tv. People who will eat the same food as you, and encourage you to make the best choices for your goals. It is so important to have someone you can complain to when your body is sore and you just don’t want to do anything. And someone who will celebrate with you when you meet a goal (or even just get through a tough day). These people are your motivation when you have none.

Is it possible to do this “getting healthy” thing completely alone? Sure. But it is going to take a whole lot of willpower. And I’m guessing, if you are like me, your willpower muscle is not very strong (yet!). There is nothing wrong with asking for help.

I think it may be easy to find encouraging people in your life. But what about the people who are NOT supportive of your new lifestyle? The friend who always invites you to McDonalds with her. Or the friend who wants to spend every night at the bar. Or the friend who will do nothing but eat junk food and watch movies. As hard as it is to say, it might be a period in your life that you need to limit your time with them. It doesn’t have to be forever, but at least until you are stronger mentally. It’s not going to do you any good if you are surrounded by people who are unsupportive while you are trying to make healthy choices in your life. They are only going to make this journey harder for you.

If you are trying to make changes, but have no support, please talk to me!  Leave a comment, email me at Amanda@FromFtoH.com, or message me on Facebook (From FAT to Healthy). I would love to hear from you, and we can set up our own little support system. You can never have too many people encouraging you! :)

Smile and have a great day!


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