Homemade Greek Yogurt – Pinterest Recipe Review

Because my life is crazy, this is going to be a post minus photos. Go ahead and thank me. I know that I am not so great in the photography department. :)

I have begun making greek yogurt in a crock pot. I love it. It is so much cheaper, and so much healthier. Now if I could just find a local dairy farm it would be even better. Anyone in Southern MN have any ideas for me?

With it being made in the crock pot, there really is hardly any work at all. It takes about 10 minutes of actual work time. Maybe less. The crock pot portion spans many hours, though. I found the recipe over at Eating From The Ground Up. You should go check it out. Alana has a wonderful blog that I’ve spent hours reading. She is also a much better photographer than I am. If you want to see pictures of the yogurt making, that’s where you can.

I followed her directions exactly. I’ve done it twice now, and both times it has come out perfectly. I don’t especially like the taste of store bought plain yogurt (regular or greek). But I don’t mind this at all, I actually kind of like it.

I mixed some crushed strawberries and honey into some of it, and my kids couldn’t get enough of it. By straining the yogurt with cheesecloth (optional) you change it from normal to greek yogurt and also get whey as a byproduct. Today I am using the whey¬†when I make homemade bread. I will have to let you know how that turns out :) .

I love how after buying an initial culture, you simply save a little of each batch to use on your next one! After the first one it is simply milk and time (plus any additives you may or may not decide to add).

Do you make homemade yogurt? Or do you make homemade anything else? I’ve been making almond milk (recipe will be up Thursday, I hope!), laundry soap, dishwasher soap, bread, all-purpose cleaner, and am currently making dried beans to use throughout the week. I’d love to try something else, if you have a suggestion for me! And if you want links for the recipes I use for any of the things I just listed, leave a comment and I’ll share.

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