Heavy Breathing of a Distracted Cardio Instructor

Distracted Cardio Instructor (Dulcinea Lee Hellings) Breathing Heavy

I have had a really hard time writing this review. I don’t like to say anything bad about anyone. I try to always be kind, and polite. But as I’ve thought about it, I’ve realized that if I write only GOOD reviews, then maybe I won’t be as credible. So when I find a workout that isn’t great, I still need to let you know about it. That way you can decide for yourself, and we can all be happy. Right?

So I did the workout ‘Cardio Insanity with Dulcinea Lee Hellings’ earlier in the week. First I want to say that it is a GREAT workout for someone at my fitness level. She did 4 rounds of 3-4 different cardio moves. Some of them were easy, like the butt kicks. Some were too advanced for me, like the tuck jumps. By the end of the video my legs were shaking and I was exhausted. And my butt hurt the next day. So if my review were based on just how good of a workout it was, I would give it an A.

However, there are a lot of factors that make a good workout video.

During the 44 minute video, she was interrupted 4 times (!) by someone walking into the room. I would think that if she was filming, she would either A: get a private studio, or B: lock the door! It’s very distracting when the instructor stops repeatedly to talk to someone.

There was no music! The studio was completely quiet except for her heavy breathing. I could only handle it for about 2 minutes. I paused the video and opened Pandora in a new tab. I would have never made it through the video without the music playing.

Every 3 seconds (not kidding) she checks her stopwatch to see how much time is left. I have never seen this in a video before. I constantly check the clock, because I’m way out of shape and feel like I’m dying. But as an instructor, she should not be doing that. It’s hard for me to stay motivated when the instructor is acting like she is dying.

While I was doing this video, it felt like she was just a lady who took a class, and decided to start filming. It felt like she was no more advanced than me, and that she was my peer, not an instructor. It felt unprofessional. It was boring, due to the lack of music.

Having said all that, would I do it again? Yes. I am having a really hard time finding a cardio workout that I am coordinated enough to do, but still makes me sweat. This workout did that. I just wish it was executed better. I will be checking out her other videos, to see if this one was a fluke.

If you have any suggestions of a cardio video I could try, please tell me below! Also, if you have a workout that you want to see reviewed, let me know and I’ll see what I can do. Thanks!

Smile and have a great day!



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