Getting Your Feet Wet vs High Impact Crying

I realized this morning that the workouts I have been posting about are mostly pretty intense, high impact ones. Because that is where I am at right now. I want it to be hard! I want to feel like Jello when I’m done, and I want to be sore the next day. I may not be able to “see” my results, but I at least want to feel them!

High Impact Crying

But that may not be where you are at right now. You may be interested in just getting your feet wet, and not want something that will leave you crying. I was there, I get it. :) Today I want to tell you about a great workout for you!

It’s called Walk Away the Pounds by Leslie Sansone. Here is a Youtube clip from one of the videos. This clip shows the “hardest” part of the videos. Not coordinated? No problem. Can’t jump or do high impact stuff? This is for you.

I did these videos a lot when I was recovering from my c sections. And when my kids were a bit too wild (but stuck in the house since it was winter) I had them do the videos as well. :)  

I think the thing I love best, though… is that some of her videos are Christian. In the background the music that is playing are praise and worship songs. I’ve not really looked into it, but I’m wondering if there are more intense workouts with Christian music in them?

Sometime I listen to a “Britney Spears” Pandora station when I workout, especially when I run. It has worked well as I don’t really enjoy the lyrics, but the treadmill drowns them out. I wonder if there is a good Christian equivalent? Anyone have any ideas? Or even just a group or a song. I’d love any input! :)

So that’s my fitness update for today. Sorry it is short, one of those days… All input very welcomed!  What do you want to know more about? What can I do to make this site/content better for you? :)

So! Good videos for low impact, high calorie burn = Walk Away The Pounds
Good (bad) music for working out = Britney Spears Pandora Channel

Looking for better (upbeat) music though, please help!

Smile and have a great day!


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