Fruit Loops and Honesty

Fruit Loops

Okay. Remember when I told you that I was going to be honest? Well, here it is. I suck. A week ago I talked about how I Eat Clean. Except for yesterday morning. Apparently everything that I know about health was thrown out the window when I ate the bowl of Fruit Loops. I don’t even like Fruit Loops. I never buy junk like that.

But last weekend we took a 5 hour drive to visit my parents (5 hours in the car with three small children… ever tried it? No? lucky you!). So it was time to come home from my parents house and the drive started right at snack time. In a very quick last ditch effort we stopped at the grocery store and grabbed the first thing we saw. It was already getting late and we just wanted to be home, we didn’t want to spend time walking around a store that we didn’t know to find something “good”. Mistake.

My kids, as it turns out, don’t like Fruit Loops either. We ended up with the “snack” all over the floor of the van, and hungry kids. And so for a week the box of Fruit Loops has sat in my cabinet. And I ate them. Really. I should just throw them away. Nobody is going to eat them anyway (and if they do, they will end up feeling guilty about it).

Every morning I take them out of the cabinet with the other cereal, and every morning the kids pick everything BUT them. They are on the table right now. Really I should just go toss them, right? But then I think, all the starving kids… and, you shouldn’t throw away food… but is it really food?

Here are the ingredients: Sugar, whole grain corn flour, wheat flour, whole grain oat flour, oat fiber, soluble corn fiber, contains 2% or less of partially hydrogenated vegetable oil (coconut, soybean and/or cottonseed), salt, red 40, natural flavor, blue 2, turmeric color, yellow 6, annatto color, blue 1, BHT for freshness.

Ingredient numero uno is SUGAR. hm. Then a bunch of flour, which isn’t all that bad. But then. WOAH partially hydrogenated vegetable oil? ew! Why does that need to be in there? Tons of fake coloring? So I guess our conclusion is that it is NOT food. Fake colors and hydrogenated oil does not equal food. Why, as a nation, are we okay with eating this crap? Why is it even available to us?

Sometimes, I would love to go back to 1900 and live in the days where everything was made at home, from scratch. But more on that at a later date…

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