Crazy Time!

Crazy Time!

You probably noticed that I was missing Thursday and Friday last week. Let me tell you. The end of the school year is a crazy time. Between school concerts, and preschool graduations, and family picnic lunch at school, and piano recitals to prepare for I feel like I’m losing my mind a bit. And to all that, I have to add the yard work that comes with spring, and the kids playing outside and bringing dirt and mud into my house. I’ve been so exhausted and overwhelmed. There just is not enough time in the day.

I’m trying to stay motivated. Each day I have been cutting out a couple things that “should” get done, so that I have time to work out. Thursday and Friday that was this blog. I’m back today, but I can’t promise you anything about the rest of the week. I just need to get through this month, and then life will slow down again.

Yesterday, for Mother’s Day, I decided to take the day off completely. Nothing on my to-do list got done. Instead, we packed up and headed to the zoo for the day. I spent 4 hours walking around and watching my kids get excited about the animals. Then we went to a fantastic local restaurant, D’Amico and Sons, for a free Mother’s Day dinner. I had oven roasted garlic shrimp with spaghetti aglio e olio . yum! The garlic was almost overpowering, which is just how I love it. I also love that this restaurant gives you a reasonable sized portion. It is about half what you would expect from a restaurant. If you live in MN, I HIGHLY recommend them!

It was a fantastic day, exactly what I needed. Today I am tired, but I’m recharged and ready to tackle this list. I’m also ready to get this workout week started. Today I will be running my last day of week four in Couch to 5K. I will have to fit it in somewhere between grocery shopping, making homemade bread and yogurt and almond milk, and piano practice. That should be no problem, right?

Smile and have a great day!


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