Apple Juice: Three Way Comparison

Last week while I was grocery shopping I noticed that “Simply Apple” juice was on sale, so I bought a bottle. The Husband used to buy their grapefruit one often, but it’s been a long time. Anyway.

I decided to run a little test. While at the store I also bought a can of frozen apple juice concentrate, and a 3 pound bag of red delicious apples.

I came home and made the frozen juice.

Apple Juice made from Frozen Concentrate

And then I poured the simply juice into a jar.

Simply Apple Juice

Then I got out the juicer and juiced the entire bag of apples.

Apple Juice made from Juiced Red Delicious apples

Notice a difference? Let’s put them side by side and compare.

Comparison between three Apple Juices

Which one would you want to drink? I also put a pencil behind the frozen and juiced to show just how clear the frozen is.

Apple Juice Differences

I tasted all three. The concentrate was too sweet and artificial. I really dislike frozen apple juice. The Simply Apple  juice was a lot cleaner tasting, sharper. It was also still too sweet and had a smidge of artificial taste to it (maybe from the pasteurization?). The juicer juice tasted exactly like an apple. It was so good!

The Husband tasted all three and was torn. He ended up deciding on Simply Apple, but also said that with a different type of apple the juiced would be an obvious winner. Book Girl and Zip Girl both liked Simply Apple the best. Busy Boy just likes juice, he doesn’t care what it tastes like ;)

Here is what I found when I looked up the calorie information for 8oz of each juice.

Apple Juice Concentrate: Calories 120

Simply Apple Juice: Calories 120

Juiced Apples Juice: Calories 110  (via Livestrong)

Here is the cost comparison.

Frozen Apple Juice Concentrate: $ 1.18 (48 fluid oz)

Simply Apple Juice: $2.98 (on sale) (59 fluid oz)

Juiced Apples Juice: $2.87 (~50 fluid oz)

In my opinion, the juicer made the best tasting juice. It also had the lowest calorie count. However, it was the most expensive. WHY are the foods that are the healthiest always the most expensive? Imagine if they were organic – so frustrating! Anyway, I am really loving my juicer :) Do you have one? What’s your favorite thing to juice?

Smile and have a great day!



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